The shotgun is one of the most efficient self defense weapons.
On this page you will find the best and most reliable shotguns in the world.
Traditional pump action: Remington 870:  For that characteristic noise, and for those operators who are willing to train more often in order to master quick cycling of the action, the Remington 870 is a great choice.  It is by far the most popular shotgun in the world and can be found in nearly every police car or hunter’s gun safe.  Add on’s and accessories are plentiful, as are options for stocks that allow the 870 to fit any sized operator.

Semiautomatic shotgun:  Benelli M190: For the smoothest, fastest shooting, most reliable shotgun in the world, select the Italian made Benelli shotgun.   Maintenance needs beyond those of the pump action are few and far between.  For operators who cannot devote as much time to training, a semiautomatic weapon allows near complete concentration on the target.

Assault Shotgun:

For the ultimate in offensive firepower, a semiautomatic shotgun with detachable, high capacity magazines may be deemed necessary.  There are only a few options available to civilians, because many designs have been deemed “Destructive Devices”.  The Saiga 12 has become quite popular, and may be the most cost effective for both civilian and military use.